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HFN Recovery Supplements: Everything You Need to Know

What is special about HFN RECOVERY Supplements?
HFN’s Recovery Supplements are based on a special Canadian formula that uses creatine. Creatine use can increase your strength and performance. It can help build lean mass by volumizing and hydrating muscle cells, thus creating a necessary anabolic environment for growth. Buy HFN’s best recovery supplements online in India at its official website.

Recovery Supplements and Creatine Benefits
The body's capacity for high-intensity work is improved by creatine (and assists greater muscle size and performance gains as a result). This is present in recovery supplements, in order to prevent premature muscle fatigue high-energy molecule form of creatine, called creatine phosphate, which is stored within cells. This improves the muscle contraction of these fibres, enabling the athlete to perform more repetitions, sprint faster, or exert more force during any sport or exercise they choose to engage in. The muscles can store more of this high-energy molecule when creatine is added to the diet, leading to greater gains in strength and muscle mass.

Types of HFN RECOVERY Supplements

1. Crea Surge
CREA SURGE True Creatine Monohydrate can help you get your performance curve up and running. In the body, it is converted to Creatine Phosphate to fuel skeletal muscles and increase exercise capacity. It significantly increases your athletic performance and stamina.

2. Gluta Plus
Gluta Plus promotes muscular tissue healing, development and strength improvements, and immunological function. The amino acid glutamine is the most prevalent in the body. Glutamine reserves can be decreased during periods of physical stress and activity.

3. Nite Shred
Coming in two delicious flavours – Peach Mango and Tangerine, Nite Shred can help you lose weight and improve sleep cycles. It contains appetite suppressors and natural green tea extracts to make you lose weight and get leaner.

Advantages of Consuming HFN RECOVERY Supplements
• With HFN’s Recovery Supplements, you’ll recover faster and perform better during intense training sessions. Glutamine aids in general muscle repair following exercise.
• It reduces muscle pain by improving muscle regeneration and glycogen replenishment.
• Maintaining a high nitrogen balance in the muscle reduces muscular breakdown, and allows for better muscle retention, insulin secretion, neurological activity, and muscle protein synthesis.

How to Consume?
Mix 1 scoop with 250ml of water. Shake well to dissolve. Drink during or post-exercise on training days or after any sporting event for a good recovery. For best results, use 2 scoops on training days.

Who Should Consume?
Those who want to lose weight, increase their protein intake, or improve their bodybuilding results can all use HFN’s Recovery Supplements. These supplements can be consumed by anyone who wishes to boost their athletic performance, fuel skeletal muscles, need help with intense workouts, promote cellular hydration, or simply want better muscles.

Just like it is important for your body to work out heavily, it needs proper nutrients to fasten its recovery. HFN’s recovery Supplements are designed specially to assist you in this goal.