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  • Mix 1 Heaping Scoop in 200ml – 250ml cold water or your favorite beverage in a shaker
  • Vigorously shake for about 30 seconds
  • Recommended 2 Protein servings in a day

Yes, however only to a certain extent. Your body uses not all of the dietary protein you consume to make protein. Your body will oxidize protein for energy once you've consumed enough protein to promote protein synthesis. Increasing your protein intake above the range of 30–35 % of your daily calories is probably not going to help you build more muscle, but it will reduce your intake of fat and carbohydrates, which could work against you. At normal conditions, you merely require 1g of protein per kilogram of your weight for a day.

Even though protein has a more difficult time turning into fat than its fellow macronutrients, eating excessive amounts of anything can lead to gaining weight. Additionally, as your protein intake rises, your body will burn more protein rather than as many carbohydrates or fats for energy. So, don't overconsume your protein supplements.

  1. An article in the "American Journal of Kidney Disease" suggests that people with chronic kidney disease should stay away from high-protein diets. If you are otherwise healthy, your high protein intake shouldn't be harmful to your kidneys; just make sure to limit your daily protein intake and drink enough water to make up for the water loss. If this worries you, speak with your doctor first.

HFN’s Protein powder dietary supplements are created from protein that has been taken from foods that you would normally eat, including peas, rice, soy, and dairy products like cow's milk and eggs. In general, you ought to take protein supplements that have been approved by a reliable agency. The fact that HFN's supplements are GMP-certified and Health Canada-approved ensures their complete safety and lack of risk.

  • Whey Protein
  • Without a doubt, the most well-liked protein supplement on the market is whey protein powder. Milk protein is used to make whey protein. They are simple to combine with milk or water. Whey proteins' two key selling points are that they are reasonably priced and quickly absorbed by our bodies. One's productivity and general health are both improved by the quick digestion feature.
  • Casein Protein

Casein protein does not have the advantage of quick digestion as whey protein does. It consequently qualifies as the perfect meal replacement product. Your body won't suffer if you go without food for a prolonged period because of the slow digestion process.

  • Soy Protein

When it comes to functionality, soy proteins and whey proteins are very similar. They do, however, have a flaw. In contrast to whey protein, soy protein is easily broken down. As a result, our muscles get less amino acid supply.

  • Egg protein

A perfect diet replacement for animal protein is egg protein. They can provide our body with a significant amount of protein without being overly high in carbohydrates and fat because they are packed with essential amino acids and other ingredients.

Protein powder's role in the process of building muscle makes it possible to lose excess fat. It is well known that building more muscle in your body encourages weight loss.

The use of protein powder is accompanied by a few minor side effects. Having said that, there are no reliable records in this area. Some digestive issues, kidney problems, liver failure, and allergic reactions among users are attributed to high protein intake.

Most of the negative side effects are attributed to unregulated and non-credible sourced protein supplements. You don't need to worry about these while you are consuming HFN's products, though.

According to experts, protein powders are beneficial rather than harmful. To get the most out of one's time and effort, it is best to combine it with a balanced diet and exercise. It's crucial to maintain the fundamentals and not use supplements too aggressively. 

You should pick the protein supplement that best suits your needs, budget, and taste preferences because not all protein supplements are created equal. However, you should always seek advice from your dietician or trainer before taking any protein supplements.

That is up to you, though. While getting all of your protein from a tub of powder is not recommended, both protein supplements and whole foods have a place in your diet. Whey protein powder can be quickly absorbed post-workout, has immune-boosting advantages and is very convenient.


Whole foods, on the other hand, offer a variety of extra nutrients and significant micronutrients, including zinc, magnesium, and iron. Additionally, tearing into a piece of pork tenderloin rather than downing another shake simply feels more satisfying and satiating.

As previously mentioned, concentrated ingredients from natural sources are used to make protein supplements. Therefore, there is no justification for vegetarians to refrain from purchasing protein powder. Because vegetarian foods must be consumed in large quantities to meet the requirement, the majority of vegetarians struggle to meet their dietary protein requirements. Protein powders are thought to be a good dietary food supplement for vegetarians because they can easily solve this issue.

HFN Protein Supplements: All that You Need to Know – A Guide

What is special about HFN Protein Supplements?
HFN Protein supplements are based on a risk-free Canadian formula that is designed to make your workout sessions optimal. It is an ideal protein supplement formula at any time, whether you're getting ready for a challenging workout, recovering from intense gym training, or just trying to increase your protein intake. Use the supplements containing HFN Protein to maximize your workout results. Buy the best online protein powder in India for men and women at Hyper Freak Nutrition.

What are the Benefits of HFN Protein Supplements?
• Supports the growth of new cells and cell repair
• Aids your immune system in preventing infections
• Supports body development and growth
• Essential for building and toning muscles

Types of HFN Protein Supplements

1. True Whey
True Whey is the purest form of protein to meet your daily protein requirements. True Whey Protein provides super whey protein isolates that are incredibly easy for the body to absorb. Each 30 g meal contains 69 g of whey protein, for a tremendous concentration by weight for extra gain. This supplement is particularly well-known for its exceptional mixability, which allows you to prepare a smooth, lump-free protein shake every time. It is available in four completely new and delectable flavors: Choco Hazelnut, Chocolate Butter Cup, Oreo Ice Cream, and Cold Brew.

2. ISO Ripped
ISO Ripped is a great supplement that prepares your body for powerful workouts. It also helps you avail cardiovascular and digestive health benefits and reduce weight along with helping in muscle buildup. It does not have added filler ingredients, additives, preservatives, binders, artificial sweeteners, colouring agents and other preservatives.

3. Andro Whey
Andro Whey Protein in a single serving helps you meet your daily protein requirements without difficulty. Andro Whey contains zero fats, zero carbs, zero sugar and zero trans-fat. It does not have added filler ingredients, additives, preservatives, binders, artificial sweeteners, coloring agents and other preservatives. It is based on a risk-free whey protein formula.

Advantages of Consuming HFN Protein
• HFN Protein supplements contains amino acid profiles that are instantly absorbed by your muscles, helping you gain maximum results from workouts
• They increase muscle synthesis, or the creation of new muscle fibres, which results in increased volume and strength.
• Whether you are an athlete or someone that is serious about fitness, you need the fuel to keep advancing that HFN's protein supplements provide.

How to Consume?
1 scoop in 180-240 mL of water, milk, or beverage of choice You may also incorporate it into a smoothie or shake. Recommended 2 Serving each day (60g) or as suggested by your dietician.

Who Should Consume?
This product is suitable for bodybuilders, athletic competitors, those interested in increasing lean body mass, and carb-conscious individuals.

Proteins, which are categorized as macronutrients, are a crucial component of our daily diet along with carbohydrates and fats. An abundant diet of protein becomes essential for those who engage in workouts and strenuous sports activities to support the body's ability to regenerate, build muscles, and maintain energy. HFN’s best protein supplements and protein powder supplements are designed to help you meet your protein requirements and assist in your fitness journey.