What is mass gainer? How does it work?

The supplement industry is growing larger than ever, thanks to the modern lifestyle. A lot of supplements and products promise to deliver extraordinary results in losing and gaining weight. Mass gainers, just like other supplements, have a clearly stated goal – helping people to gain pounds. But how do we know which of these claims are genuine? We have curated this blog to help you learn everything about mass gainers.

What is a mass gainer?

Mass gainers, also known as weight gainers are protein powders designed to help you pack on pounds. They contain ample calories that ordinary protein doesn’t offer. Mass gainers carry far more calories, protein, and carbohydrates than regular protein powder to help in adding body mass. When you take a mass gainer supplement, the high levels of carbohydrates get absorbed at a fast rate and lead to an insulin spike, which pushes amino acids towards the muscles. There are various types of mass gainers available in the market with a varied caloric count. If you aim to add muscles and put on weight, you can buy mass gainer online from the various options or go for mass juice protein powder.

Who needs to consume mass gainer supplements?

Mass gainer supplements, like mass juice protein powder, are for those who cannot consume enough calories, protein, fat, or carbs to build muscle and body mass. Mass gainer supplements help to gain muscle mass and contain around 450-1000 calories. Teenagers and people in their 20s consume mass gainers to add weight. 17-25 is the perfect age to start bodybuilding and intake weight gainers. Apart from this, people who are gyming hard should also consume these supplements.

Benefits of Mass gainer supplements

Now that we have established the overview of mass gainer supplements let’s learn the advantages of these products to help you buy mass gainer online.

  • Rich in Carbohydrates and Whey Protein

Enriched with carbs and high-quality whey protein, mass gainers boost energy levels to help you during intense workouts. The whey protein content aids in bodybuilding, and the dietary fat enables you to achieve a lean physique.

  • Loads of Fiber Content

Mass gainers are enriched with fiber which keeps you from being bloated and helps with digestion. This is a great way to achieve your health targets and fitness goals.

  • A Mixture of Vitamins & Minerals

By providing the perfect blend of vitamins& minerals, mass gainers help you stay fit and healthy. These supplements are an important source of nourishment for your body while building muscle mass and body weight.

  • Good Muscle Recovery & Growth

Mass gainer products promote muscle recovery and growth, which is very helpful for a regular bodybuilding routine. In order to achieve the desired results, you require good muscle recovery with your regular workout.

When should you consume it?

The whole motive of adding a mass gainer to your diet is to get extra calories and build mass. A mass gainer will provide excellent results when used correctly and help you take your bodybuilding regime to another level. The best-suited timings to consume a mass gainer supplement are –

  • You can consume mass gainers first thing in the morning after you wake up. Your body has already exhausted all its nutrients and taking a mass gainer at this time paired with proteins and micronutrients can help your body achieve an anabolic state.
  • The mass gainer supplements can also be consumed half an hour before a workout to feed your muscles. By providing fast-acting carbohydrates, the product drives insulin and helps amino acids reach the muscle quickly.
  • Taking a mass gainer right after your workout is also a great time. Your body has burnt more calories, and your metabolic rate goes up; hence you start consuming nutrients at a faster pace.
  • When you sleep at night, your body starts a fast and enters a catabolic state till you consume something after waking up. You can buy mass gainer online and consume it before bed to enhance your body size.

Buy mass juice protein powder and other supplements to consume at these prime times for the best results.

Exercises that are a must with mass gainer

There’s no point in drinking a mass gainer without supplementing it with a workout. If you want to put on as much weight as possible, you need to include heavy resistance training rather than HIIT exercises in your workout. You should not waste time running circuits and focusing on intense training. Make sure not to spend a lot of time in the gym either; otherwise, your body will stunt muscle growth. Cut out inefficient exercises and get more done in less time by focusing on compound movements. Limit your workout time to about 45 minutes of active lifting session and training. Combining these physical movements and workout regimes with mass gainers will help you start seeing results in an effective way.

Can men and women both consume it?

Generally, we talk about men being obsessed with muscular bodies and a bodybuilding regime, but does that mean that you can only opt for mass gainers supplements for men? No! Most women are not aware of the use of mass gainer supplements as these are usually marketed as male-oriented products. There are women who struggle with weight gain and are battling severe weight loss issues. Women who are naturally skinny and want to gain weight should go for mass gainers. The basic criteria for putting on weight for both men and women is to be in a calorie surplus and that’s where mass gainers are helpful. Hence, you can buy mass gainer supplements for women as well as men and pair them with weight and resistance training to achieve the best results.

Also, make sure you are not skipping your meals as these mass gainers are not a substitute for food. The supplements are meant to boost energy levels and aid in building muscle mass and strength. Buy mass gainer supplements for men and women from the various options available in the market. Consume mass gainers at the most effective times and indulge in weight training workouts to meet your goals realistically.

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