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2022 has officially come to an end, and with the New Year comes new resolutions. Most of these resolutions are around healthy eating and workout. In reality, most of us don’t even come close to fulfilling these goals; ever wondered why this happens?

Most people set unrealistic goals that are hard to achieve, leading to demotivation and giving up.

So, it’s time we set realistic and attainable goals for our bodies and health. And to help you do that, we have curated this article with a few tips and ideas that you can use to set your health resolutions for 2023.

Pragmatic Fitness Goals to Set for the New Year

The key to achieving your goals is to know your caliber. Your resolutions need to be practical, something you can fulfill. For example – If you want to run a marathon, you can set a goal to run your first 5K. These goals are attainable and also provide you with the right motivation and drive. Below we have mentioned some fitness goals you can set for 2023 –

  • Achieve Consistency

No matter what you do, consistency is key. You can be talented in a lot of areas, but if you aren’t consistent, it will all go to waste. So is the case with workouts; you need to be consistent with your exercise regime. Even if you plan to do a 30-minute walk, do it with proper dedication.

One way to stay consistent is to include shorter workouts, such as HIIT exercises, in your workout routine. Choose the same time daily to get in the habit of working out or have a workout buddy.

  • Start Strength Training & Do Deadlifts

Strength training helps you get stronger, protects your bones, and builds muscles. Along with cardio and regular workouts, you can create a resolution to include more strength-based exercises in your routine. If you have never trained before, you can take the assistance of a trainer to get started.

Deadlifts are the most empowering exercises to build your posterior chain and get stronger. This one needs to be a part of your 2023 fitness goals. Take a strength training class to understand your body form better, and slowly start with lifting weights. If you want to supplement your exercises with a proper diet, you can also opt for pre-workout supplements and buy protein supplements to fulfill the protein daily needs.

  • Accomplish a Proper Push-Up or Pull-Up

Pushups look easy on the big screen, but they take a lot of practice and body strength. Achieving a proper pushup can be an excellent core exercise as it targets your chest, back, shoulders, and arms. If you are just a beginner, you can start with planks, knee pushups, and incline pushups.

Once you have built some core strength, pushups can be easy to perform. It’s important to strive for quality exercises with good form and increase the reps over time. Pull-ups, on the other hand, are like a badge of honor, and you need to practice additional exercise drills to achieve this goal. For beginners, you can start with inverted rows, hollow holds, and planks to build the required strength.

  • Run a Marathon

If you are more into walking and jogging, a marathon is a perfect goal for 2023. It is fun and will keep you driven to achieve it. For beginners, a 5K marathon is an attainable benchmark. Train for your first marathon, and you will get the confidence to complete it. You can include supplementary products from the supplements store or buy supplements online while prepping for the marathon. There are a variety of training plans available online to help you get started with your running journey.

  • Do a Headstand

Headstands are perfect for people who love doing yoga or gymnastics. This requires a lot of core strength and shoulder mobility. Focusing on your form is crucial to achieving a strong headstand. There are multiple drills you can perform to better your chances, like doing inversion exercises.  You can take the support of a wall or a cushion during the initial stages and master the form with patience.

You can follow the tips given below to better your lifestyle and achieve your weight loss goals in a better way –

  • If you work from the office, you can walk with a co-worker during break time to increase your activity level. It can be as simple as a 15-min walk after lunch with your colleagues.
  • Bring lunch to work at least three days a week to avoid munching on junk food and processed snacks.
  • Add a morning exercise routine and be consistent with it for at least four days a week. It can be basic breathing exercises, meditation, or stretching and yoga.
  • Fix your sleeping schedule, as there is no point in spending hours in the gym without proper rest. Try to go to bed early and have dinner at least 2 hours before your bedtime.

These simple tips can take you a long way in developing a better lifestyle and achieving your 2023 fitness goals. You can also drink protein powder and smoothies to fulfill your protein intake. These can help you reach your dietary requirements but shouldn’t be considered as an alternative to whole-natural foods. You can check our products out at www.hyperfreaknutrition.in and choose the best supplement. We have various pre-workout supplements and the best protein powder, like true whey protein. Our cut-fire fat burner is also an excellent inclusion in your diet to lose weight more easily.

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